Prep for a short trip.

Getting Ripley ready for a short 3 night trip away.

I’m planning on taking Juno* on a road trip to Berry.
A small town about 315 km north of here (as the road winds. As the crow files would be so much faster) . Booked in to stay at the Berry Showground. A simple affair, but it is situated right next to the town, it is quiet, and it has power and water. All for a very reasonable fee. Everything we need for a few quiet days of getting lost in place.

Finally, consider your predicament a privilege in a world so shrunken that certain people refer to it as the ‘global village.’ The term ‘explorer’ has little meaning. But exploration is nothing more than a faray into the unknown, and a four-year old child, wandering about along in the department store, fits the definition as well as the snow-blind man wandering across the Khyber Pass. The explorer is the person who is lost.

Tim Cahill.

The weather in Berry is going to be sunny and 18-20 C. Much more agreeable than the rainy overcast days forecast here in Canberra.

The prep:

  • Podcasts downloaded.
  • Coltrane, Davis and Jarrett all briefed.
  • A couple of Netflix movies loaded on my iPad.
  • 2 good books.
  • Zaffu packed.
  • Sufficient food and snacks for both me and the dog.
  • Fueled up (ouch….diesel prices are CRAZY right now).


*Unfortunatelly Kelly is working (and still not feeling 100% after her COVID infection) so it will just be the two amigoes.

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