Pitstop in Kiama.

Homeward bound today.
But first a short pitstop at Kiama. I mean, I cant drive past the lighthouse on a magnificent day like today can I?
There might possibly be whales.

It is Saturday morning. Market day.
We loop through the markets looking for coffee and snacks, and I pick out a fresh-off-the-press chocolate cronut. One billion calories, but on a cloudless, sun off the ocean, winters day like this everything is medicinal.

Lingering on the point we spot a couple of whales with the nocs. Behind them, a precession of tankers balance on the edge of the world.

Sitting here typing in a sugar rush of goalless creativity, I can feel the great inertia for leaving this spot. But today is a driving day. Pretty soon we will head up north past Wollongong before climbing the Illawarra escarpment and looping back south. Colder every kilometre until we reach home.

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One response to “Pitstop in Kiama.”

  1. Great Pics as always…where are we off to next ?


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