Skinny Bob.

OK. You are going to need to indulge me here.
I am about to move the slider waaaaay over to the woo side.

The whole Skinny Bob phenomenon began when a mysterious individual named Ivan0135 uploaded four videos to their YouTube channel.

  • The first video allegedly shows a saucer shaped UFO hovering over an undisclosed town. It then shows a UFO crash scene with a dead or dying alien lying on the ground.
  • The second video depicts an alien including a full pan from feet to head.
  • The third video is a text message from the mysterious Ivan.
  • The final video (called family vacation) shows a group of aliens walking and looking around.

Since then the videos have been widely discussed, largely debunked and mostly dismissed by experts as fake.
It has now been proven that a commercially available overlay of dust and scratches was used to make the video appear old.
Ditto for the projector soundtrack.
It has also been shown that the video has been digitally manipulated and that the timestamp numbers were added later.

Despite all this, despite the obvious evidence that this is a hoax (nobody has come forward and claimed to be the original creator), despite you probably thinking good grief this is so obviously fake!….. there is something about the Skinny Bob video in particular that speaks to me.
I really want it to be a thing. I like Skinny Bob.

Now. There is a new website called SkinnyBob a forensic analysis, that deep dives way down into the whole topic. And I mean waaaaaay.

The site meticulously crowd-sources opinions and examines the controversial aspects of the 4 video sets, trying to ascertain where the video was filmed, when it was made and how it was made.

The sites author writes:

What motivates us to dive deeper is the prospect of this material qualifying as the most significant piece of photographic evidence imaginable to mankind. The stakes could not be higher! In the worst case, however, the whole thing turns into a puff of smoke and we are left with memories of a collaborative detective story that brought inspiration and excitement for many years

Into the rabbit hole you go….

I purposefully have not posted any of the Skinny Bob videos on this page.
If you are interested, you should go to the website, start at the top and work your way through the whole story… don’t have to take it seriously…if nothing else, think of it as an entertaining fictional forensic story (or like reading about JFK conspiracy theories).

There is a lot to cover so you will need a little reading (and watching) time.
A lot of work has been put into producing this site and the whole thing is done in a way that is engaging and interesting IMHO.

Perhaps, you will have had enough by the second paragraph.
Perhaps you will grow to like Skinny Bob just as much as I.

Down you go…..

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