The rains intent
drowns out
all sound of rain.

With yet another consecutive El Niño weather system forecast to impact Australia this summer, many are bracing for the lived reality of ‘above average rainfall’. Again.

For some, it is just a soggy annoyance that interrupts the morning commute, cancels the weekend sporting event and stretches out the winter blues like a dysphoric gob of sputum.
For others the impacts on agriculture, infrastructure, and the wider economy will be more significant. There will be the inevetable loss of life, as well as financial, mental, and physical trauma.
Some are still struggling to recover from the last flooding events.

Each day we are immersed in news reports of climate-related catastrophes, and whilst I try to ignore the media hype, and whilst I try to keep an optimistic realistic grasp about such stuff….I cannot help but feel the forecast is glum.

Seems to me there is now a growing awakening to the fact that we have already well and truly crossed the line.
Like when the alarm has gone off but we slept through it…and now, much later (because we were just oh so comfortable), we wake with a jolt and a nasty empty I-think-we-may-have-fucked-up-here feeling in the pit of our stomach knowing we have missed the last train.

Photo credit: Anna Atkins.

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One response to “Downpour”

  1. Hi Ian – I thought we were in a third consecutive La Niña – not El Niño – as reported

    But definite soggy ahead!


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