This trip will be a gas.


At last, we are getting ready for another road trip.
Next week we will be driving due south from Canberra until we hit the coast and then making a slow squiggly route all the way around to Melbourne where Ripley has an appointment for some urgent surgery.

Her make and model have been recalled due to some potential for propane to accumulate in the cabin without safely venting.
That would be bad.
In an “I feel sooooo sleepy….think I’ll just take a wee nap” sort of way.

The mechanic tells us they will need her for a couple of days so we have booked into a nearby dog-friendly hotel, and have hired a teeny tiny car so we can at least check out the Mornington Peninsula area.

After her surgery, Ripley’s post-op physiotherapy will consist of a long drive north. We are thinking of driving the Waterfall Way again (it was so beautiful last time)…or maybe checking Byron Bay.

We will figure it out.

Of course, as always, you are invited to ride shotgun vicariously.
There’s plenty of room up front, copious snacks, clinking bottles of Gin on standby for sundowners…..and if you get a little sleeeeepy just grab a nap down the back.
You will be able to click on the what 3 words links (like the one at the top of this post) to get our exact location.


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