Floriade 2022.


Kelly and I took our mums out to see this year’s Floriade today. A perfect warm spring day to wander amongst the curated beds of the largest festival of flowers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Floriade has only been open a couple of days and the artisanal palates of Daffodils, Triteleia, Irises and Poppies are all in their prime.

And then there are the Tulips. Thousands of them. Antarctica, Negrita, Tres Chic, Synaeda Orange, Ace Pink, White Heart and Bloody Mary…. arranged on raised beds in swirls and geometric designs. Living pixels building different interpretations of this year’s theme of ‘The Sounds of Spring’.

Whilst I prefer my flowers wild and unkept, I do love Tulips, and I had to admit it was an impressive presentation on a stunning spring day.

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2 responses to “Floriade 2022.”

  1. Bugger me….Love it….should have said


  2. Loraine Evans (Ledwidge ) Avatar
    Loraine Evans (Ledwidge )

    How lovely to see Joan….such a great person….


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