The best things in life are free.

Weather: Cloudy but sunny. 16C.

Tonight we are staying at Lake Tyers. Our campsite is behind the local pub/bistro. Spacious gravel sites with picnic table, full power hookups, access to hot showers and laundry. 50m to the beach. 25 meters to the bistro. And the cost?

Nil, nix, nada, zip, nothing, El-zilcho.

We couldn’t quite believe it and went to check with the staff at the pub.
Yeah, no worries mate.

Oh…and we are hooked into your power too.
No, problemo
. Most people dont even ask.

Free campsite.

This is by far the best value for money campsite we have ever stayed at.
After settling in, we went for a long walk up the 90-mile beach. It too was free.
A beautiful day, stiff onshore breeze filling our lungs with salt and satisfaction. Its been a while since we had free sand between our toes.

Tonight dinner at the bistro….not free, but I mean why not?…. its right there.

But of course, after a long walk on a wild beach, it is mandatory to brush the sand out from between the toes, brew a cup of coffee and then steal a 30 min afternoon nap. Totally for free.

  • Campsite located behind Waterwheel Beachside Tavern.
    Free for first 2 nights. $20 for each night thereafter.
  • Lake Tyres is located on Krauatungalung Country, a place of high significance to the to Gunaikurnai Traditional Owners.

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