The art of backing in.

Weather: cloudy. Windy. 17C.

Access to this particular spot would be tricky. Reversing back at an acute angle, up a steepish slope whilst threading between trees, a power board and a tap.

Plus everyone else in the van park can see this is a big ask. So they quickly settle in for a little afternoon entertainment.

The art of backing in requires teamwork, a shared model of the intended plan, and clear communication.

We have been doing this for a while now. We have it nailed.

First Kelly hops out to cover my blind spots. She calls me on the phone and talks me in.

Kelly: Back….back…slowly…looking good….sloooooowly….right…hard right…no, no hard right! NO THE OTHER RIGHT YOU GIMP LEGGED DOZEY BRAINED PILLOCK!! Watch the tree! Oh my God, ARE YOU EVEN REAL?

Me: I am going right! I cannot go any more right than this. I am 11 out of 10 right!! Why didn’t you warn me about that post? The post! The post RIGHT THERE! THE FRICKING HUMUNGOID COLUMN-SIZED POST I NEARLY JUST HIT, YOU GEOCENTRIC BOLLOXING NUMBNUT!

And just like that, we are situated.

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  1. Hilarious


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