Website: bluebrightly

Maintaining a personal website is a dying art these days.
With the instantaneous (and sometimes voluminous) gratification that is to be found by spraying out a few words or images on FaceBook or Instagram, or capturing a few seconds of curated video on TikTok or YouTube, there are far fewer who make the time and effort to cultivate a deeper space for personal written expression.
In this occasional series, I highlight websites (blogs) that I feel might be worthy of your repeat attention.

Website: bluebrightly

Lynn Wohlers is a botanical illustrator, writer and photographer who lives in the American Pacific Northwest.

She writes about walking some of the local trails in her area as well as exploring her observations and encounters. Her posts are accompanied by her gorgeous photographic offerings (I wish I could take pictures like these).
Some of the posts are quite short whilst others are more long form.

These days, I get out as often as I can to breathe the clean air and explore my surroundings with an open mind and fresh eyes. Sharing my impressions with people from all over the world nourishes me beyond words; more importantly, if you are moved by what you see and read here, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

Lynn Wohlers

Lyn’s writing is immersive and gentle and relaxing to read. As I have said, her photos are beautiful.
You can add her to your regular reads by bookmarking her site or adding it to a feed aggregator app like Feedly (I highly recommend using Feedly).

You can also subscribe to get her posts via email, unfortunately, the signup form is at the bottom of her homepage….about a 50-metre scroll down.
The journey is well worth it.

One response to “Website: bluebrightly”

  1. What a great surprise it was to see this post this morning! Thank you very much for all the kind, generous words. I don’t think I could have hired someone to write a nicer testimonial! 😉 If I were about 8000 miles closer I’d stop by and thank you with a bottle of wine. Maybe someday – we’ve been wanting to see Australia & NZ for a long time. 🙂


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