We are selling our Motorhome.

We have had some good (let me unpack that: exciting, romantic, brilliant, enriching, adventurous, relaxing, magnificent) times indeed in our motorhome Ripley.
The time has come to let someone else share the awesome.
‘Tis a bittersweet thing….but we feel now is the time for us to move on to a whole new set of adventures — more on that later.

So. Ripley is now up for sale. And she’s a beaut.

If you are interested in a new motorhome (or you just want to have a stickybeak at the pics & the asking price…(I know you do, you know you do) just click through on the link below for more information.

Oh, and if you live in Australia……we would really appreciate it if you would consider helping get the word out to a larger audience by sharing the sale page on your own social streams.
Much gratitudeIan

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