Bus stop.

Hidden hands
Gift a spray
Of sun.

These concrete cylindrical bus shelters with their striking orange fibreglass window frames and matching seats were designed and built around Canberra from the mid-seventies.

Despite their impracticalities and moth-to-flame attraction for vandals and graffiti artists (the Lexan windows were particularly vulnerable to being melted with cigarette lighters and are mostly all gone), many remain dotted around the city. They have become a sort of dilapidated urban icon and an example of brutalist architecture.

There is one located just up the street from our house, and someone recently planted a crop of beautiful sunflowers on its roof.

I did not know this, but only young Sunflowers track the sun, mature plants generally face east.

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2 responses to “Bus stop.”

  1. I love that gesture. Essentially, it’s a public garden and they are important, imho.


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