The girl in my dream.

The girl in my dream
with her red leather sandals
and bespoke, hand-bound
tells me
the thing she fears most
is that I will wake up.

The accepted view of mainstream science is that our sense of self originates somewhere inside our brain.

That our consciousness is an epiphenomenon (or result) of the neural activity within our brain. However, to date there is absolutely no empirical evidence that explains exactly how this might occur.

Interestingly, there are some fascinating case reports (like the one pictured) of people who live ‘normal’ productive lives and have an incidental finding that they possess practically no brain volume.

The girl in my dreams seems so separate to me.
I am not directing her. She is writing her own journal.
I ask her if she thinks she is a product of her own brain.

The PDF of the featured image can be found here.

Here is another case study (from 1980) of a university student with an IQ of 126 who was found to have only a 1mm layer of brain (his skull was filled mostly with cerebrospinal fluid).

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