The Hill article on UFOs

The Hill is an American online newspaper and digital media company that focuses mainly on political policy, business and international relations (via Wikipedia).

A recent opinion piece by security analyst Marik Von Rennenkampff, under the section on national security, looks at 10 reasons to take UFOs seriously.

The 10 reasons are:

  1. Military pilots and other service members reported more than 500 additional UFO incidents. Some appeared to demonstrate highly advanced technology.
  2. Congress is taking UFOs extremely seriously.
  3. Government officials are making eyebrow-raising statements about UFOs.
  4. Scientists are interested in the UFO phenomenon (and have been for decades)
  5. Public analyses corroborate eyewitness accounts of UFOs exhibiting remarkable technology.
  6. Credible sources observed UFOs for decades.
  7. An intra-government battle over UFOs may be brewing.
  8. The government’s UFO hunt may have already hit national security pay dirt.
  9. UFOs are a fiercely bipartisan issue.
  10. UFOs are an intriguing mystery — with potentially profound implications.ualys

You can jump over to the article to read a breakdown of each bullet point, but it is interesting to see a slowly building interest in this topic in both mainstream media and (apparently) government agencies.

Another example of clickbait posts in response to puplic interest?
Or evidence of a reluctantly unfolding response at more visible layers of US government and the wider scientific community that there is something going on here?

I wish I knew.

Photo by Marat Gilyadzinov

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