Tip: quick camera access on your iPhone

Here is a tip I discovered recently that is super useful when travelling.

It lets you pull up your iPhone to snap a quick pic when while all tangled up using another app.
Or just as an alternate way of accessing the camera.

  1. Go to SETTINGS
  3. Then TOUCH
  4. Then go down to BACK TAP
  5. Go to DOUBLE-TAP and select Camera.

NOTE: I also have selected TRIPLE-TAP to call my partner (which I have set up as a shortcut on my home screen). Very handy.

Now all you need to do is double-tap the apple icon on the BACK of your iPhone to quickly pull up the camera. I can also triple-tap to call Kelly.

Of course, your iPhone must be unlocked before you can use this feature. And depending on the thickness of your back cover you may need to tap a little harder to activate it.

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