Location: ///bucks.precautions.crazy
  • Coffee: 8/10
  • Food: 7/10
  • People-watching habitat: 9.5/10

Today’s lunchtime mix*:

Public servants. Uni students. Underworld bosses. Retirees. Dog lovers. Schemers. Gamers. Bikers. Loners. Musicians.

* Based on subjective assumptions and pre-existing cognitive biases. Accuracy level: sketchy.

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5 responses to “Tilley’s.”

  1. I miss this place

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  2. Love that place! Current goal is to live within walking distance again!

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    1. Let me know when that happens….we will meet you for lunch!


      1. That’s a date! Now just have to find a little house within our budget!


  3. Love Tilley’s great place….


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