Travels with Flea.

So. This is our new adventure mobile.
A camper pod.

Actually, ours will be white, but you get the picture. 

Flea (as we shall call her) is being built as we speak. Hopefully, we can pick her up sometime around the end of May.

She will necessitate a huge paradigm shift in the way we travel. After all the mod-con luxuries we became accustomed to in Ripley, we are going to need to learn to travel light, forego an internal bathroom, and spend a lot more time out in the elements.

Flea will be designed and built by Gumnut Campers based out of Geelong, Victoria. Check out their website for more info.

We intend Flea to be a temporary affair. Currently, a delivery time of 12–14 months is not unusual for a new motorhome. That is crazy.

This will enable us to travel Oz until we lock in a more permanent (and bigger) mode of transport.

Unless….we end up having way too much fun in her.

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2 responses to “Travels with Flea.”

  1. Looks very Cute and comfy…can’t wait till you are back on The Road again….

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  2. She looks beautiful! We have been having so much fun in our VW camper 😊


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