Swimming in the ruins.

Location: ///storms.slice.senior

Took Juno for a walk around Kingston Foreshore.
Happened upon a private swimming pool hidden within an apartment complex.

Goggled bodies swim dappled laps in a large above-ground pool with perspex sides. I kneel to snap a discreet pic.
The big blue cube resolves through the plastic and I see used bandaids, and jelly-boogers…dead bees and tissues… and other unidentified flotsam, jetsam and derelict objects, all dancing in the sparkling bubble vortices of the swimmers.

Sometimes you just want to leave your goggles off and instead see the world in a Van Gogh swirl of light and sparkling soft focus.

Currently reading: At Work in the Ruins: Finding Our Place in the Time of Science, Climate Change, Pandemics and All the Other Emergencies, by Dougald Hine.

It is a challenging read.

If this is not what we mean, then let’s try to word an invitation to those who work with science and who may share our dismay at the project of the fish-tank world. What does it look like when the skills, practices and knowledge carried within the vehicle of science are relieved of the false innocence of science-as-ideology but also the burden that went with this? Can we imagine a science that has recovered a sense of limits and can show up with its gifts, without claiming to provide the frame within which all the other gifts that make the world take place?

Dougald Hine.

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