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Street library.

I was out walking Juno the other day when we came across this neat street library. Ironically, I first saw a street library whilst on holidays in Juno, Alaska several years ago. Since then they […]

Why meditate?

Information is Beautiful is a website founded by David McCandless that attempts to convey factual, evidence based information in graphic forms that bring clarity and understanding to the information. There are graphics on a wide […]

Peace bell run.

Went for a run this afternoon (and whenever I say run, know that I mean slow shuffling jog) around the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin. Around about 6 kilometres all up. It has been a […]

Paper Props.

If like me, you love books and journals and old paper documents, you are about to discover that Ross Macdonald might just have one of the coolest jobs in the known universe. And he definitely […]

Poppies and the dogs of war.

This morning Kelly, Juno and I all went out to visit the Australian War Memorial to see the handcrafted poppies display. The 11th November 2018 marks the centenary of the end of the First World […]

Tall Bikes.

If you enjoy cycling, creativity, or just need a little hit of outside-the-box urban eccentric inspiration, settle back to watch this 26 minute documentary on the tall bike movement. I guarantee it will put a […]