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Night Storm.

Awake. For a while now. … Counting out callipers between the PUNCH-LIGHT … that chalks the bedroom in a Blitzlicht flash. and and and BOOM —- shaking the earth. rolling out thickly to the north. […]

Dog Nap.

My dog lay silver In the silver sun Belly up in absent trust. … His lupine paws in sympathy with dreams of chase or being chased.  

The Straight Dope.

I am about to suggest you go visit a clunky, visually sucky, probably unattended website way over in a less traveled region of the internet. Be warned, you may be gone for some time. Back […]


One breath. The dandelion falls apart, into a hundred new stories.

Postcard from afar.

Remember when life had a lag? Before the instant gratification of broadcasting on Facebook and Instagram, when it took time for our lives to spread out and filter down. I remember one of the rituals […]

Free Solo.

Alex Honnold is an American climber who achieved notoriety in for his free-solo ascents of some of the most difficult mountain climbs in the world. Free-solo is the term used to describe climbing without the […]