Why travel in a motor home is the bees knees.

First up, Im going to need to establish exactly WTF ‘the bees knees’ means. Helpfully, nobody seems to know for sure. Some say it has to do with the fact that bees carry all that pollen goodness they have collected in a small pouch just above their ‘knees’. But there is no real evidence this is the source of the saying. More likely it is … Continue reading Why travel in a motor home is the bees knees.

Nomads Around Australia

Nomads Around Australia is a new YouTube channel that features interviews with Australians who have embraced the motorhome, camper-van, bus-life lifestyle. Their first featured video interviews The Tripping Gypsies, a family who have DIY converted a 12 tonne bus and now live full-time travelling and working (they make and sell jigsaw puzzles!). You can subscribe to Nomads Around Australia’s YouTube channel HERE.Or you can check … Continue reading Nomads Around Australia

Flying into the climate emergency

Kelly and I are fully gearing up for our impending trip to New Zealand. However, there is this small nagging inconvenience of truth that our trip will be dumping a whole lot of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Recently, we have both been making an effort to realign our activities with more planet-friendly behaviours such as decreasing our use of plastics and eating less meat … Continue reading Flying into the climate emergency

Scotty’s Gone Walkabouts

There is now a whole genre of so-called ’Bushcraft’ videos that have become very popular on YouTube. Bushcraft (in the social media context) seems to involve promoting the outdoor skills of carrying a what must be ridiculously heavy pack (standard kit usually includes a tarp, cooking gear, an axe, a foldable silky saw, fishing rod, large amounts of paracord, a few cans of craft beer, … Continue reading Scotty’s Gone Walkabouts

The hidden iPhone app you don’t even know you need.

Perhaps you already know about this, but I just found out about a hidden setting on the iPhone that is super useful. The setting is called Magnifier. It turns the iPhone camera into a pretty nifty magnifying glass. To turn it on do this: Goto Settings. Goto General Goto Accessibility (on iOS 13 I believe Accessibility is found under Settings) Turn ON Magnifier Thats it. … Continue reading The hidden iPhone app you don’t even know you need.