Two handed practice.

The following excerpt is from the blog It looks at a simple practice of using two hands to embody mindfulness in day to day activities and encounters. “……. there are always opportunities to practice intentional embodiment in the midst of everyday activity that we still haven’t mastered. Two handed practice can be included as a kind of anchor that can hold our intention even while … Continue reading Two handed practice.

Zazen, is that like a Zen thing?

I’m going to talk about my zen practice for a bit. Most mornings the birds call me to it.The dawn chorus of magpie and crow call. There are other songs I can’t identify by instrument but know with deep familiarity their place in the orchestration nevertheless.First light, everything just beginning to stir. The world waking up in a trillion fresh increments. This is the time … Continue reading Zazen, is that like a Zen thing?

Off-grid​ for next 7 days.

I am just about to head off to sesshin for the next week and will be totally off-grid for the duration. This will be my third consecutive year of attending a sesshin retreat.I will, as they say, see you on the other side….. “To preserve the silence within–amid all the noise. To remain open and quiet, a moist humus in the fertile darkness where the … Continue reading Off-grid​ for next 7 days.

Rakusu Pt 1: The Hadron Collider

I have absolutely no idea when it comes to sewing. Re-attaching a button is usually a frustrating excursion into mangled, tangled knot-craft, and repairing anything more complex than that is immediate white flag defeat. Usually there is blood on the white flag from multiple finger pricks. Despite all this, I will soon be attempting to sew a Rakusu. I’ll explain what this is in just … Continue reading Rakusu Pt 1: The Hadron Collider