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The Heart Sutra.

As you may or may not know, I am a practitioner of Zen Buddhism. As part of an online course I am participating in, I am slowly working my way through a study of the […]

Here there be dragons.

Dragons Gate is situated atop a high waterfall that cuts from the legendary Longmen mountains above the Yellow River at Hunan. Carp that have endured the difficult and treacherous journey upstream are faced with this […]

Wild geese. 

In Sung China, two monks friends for sixty years watched the geese pass. Where are they going? one tested the other, who couldn’t say. That moment’s silence continues. No one will study their friendship in […]

Note to self. 

“You can’t live a bunny life and write tiger poems” :: Bonnie Myotai Treace ::

Turning moments. 

I recently came across this eloquent post from John Tarrant a meditation teacher who was born in Tasmania: “The first thing about really having your own creative life is not thinking you know what you […]