Life as ritual.

In performing a ritual one has a role. Different people may perform the same ritual and each will do it slightly differently according to differences of body and mind, but the important thing is the rite itself. In order to give a competent performance of the rite one has to let body and mind fall away. What matters are the essential elements of the rite … Continue reading Life as ritual.

Here there be dragons.

Dragons Gate is situated atop a high waterfall that cuts from the legendary Longmen mountains above the Yellow River at Hunan. Carp that have endured the difficult and treacherous journey upstream are faced with this final leap of faith at the gate. Those who succeed are transformed into dragons. Dragons have always held a special place in Chinese mythology. Known as Lung, they are closely associated … Continue reading Here there be dragons.

Wild geese. 

In Sung China, two monks friends for sixty years watched the geese pass. Where are they going? one tested the other, who couldn’t say. That moment’s silence continues. No one will study their friendship in the koan-books of insight. No one will remember their names. I think of them sometimes, standing, perplexed by sadness, goose-down sewn into their quilted autumn robes. Almost swallowed by the … Continue reading Wild geese.