The Prank. 

Being dead sucked a good deal more than I had anticipated. I had a cramp in my leg and my body bag smelled like an old bicycle inner tube.

Lesson on the Clyde.

Yes. I think I can make this. Astride a small wooden seat beside the Clyde river, I sat squinting into the weather radar app on my iPhone. Performing a complex mental trajectory plotting of exactly […]

Note to self. 

“You can’t live a bunny life and write tiger poems” :: Bonnie Myotai Treace ::

Don’t be helpful. 

“Don’t be helpful; be available.”–Robert Fripp (King Crimson guitarist and meditation practitioner) Sage advice. So often we are far too busy proffering advice and concocting opinion to just open a space, offer our presence, and […]

Turning moments. 

I recently came across this eloquent post from John Tarrant a meditation teacher who was born in Tasmania: “The first thing about really having your own creative life is not thinking you know what you […]