Advance care planning for travellers.

  One of the most important pieces of paper you should carry with you when travelling is an Advance Care Document, yet very few of us do.   Having worked for the last 35 years […]

Meditation on the road.

I have been meditating regularly for quite a few years now. I usually sit Zazen (Zen meditation) for 1 hour most mornings. Dawn is the best time for me. There is something about the stillness […]

American Psychosis.

Interconnected and interbeing, we are ALL America. Pulitzer-prize winning Journalist, Author and Activist Chris Hedges, discusses modern day consumerism, totalitarian corporate power and living in a culture dominated by pervasive illusion.


I first read the original Dune trilogy whilst in high school. I remember laying on my bed late at night trying to keep my eyes focused enough to make it to the end of the […]

Trail Running.

  Today I purchased a new pair of shoes. Specifically, Trail Running shoes. I wrote a post back in August about how I had just taken up jogging and I have been running with a […]

Back to the Yak.

Our penultimate night away finds us back in Yackandandah. A small town situated amongst rolling hills about 288 km north east of Melbourne. The origins of the towns name are not certain, with one author […]