Make your practice YOUR practice.

In this excerpt from his blog Zen Embodiment, Corey discusses the process of developing a meditation practice that is intimate and personal. There is a lot to be said for picking a single form of practice (Zen, Vipassana, Yoga, mindfulness etc) and then sticking with it. Flip-flopping back and forth between different practices or cherry-picking […]

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Found objects

Why meditate?

Information is Beautiful is a website founded by David McCandless that attempts to convey factual, evidence based information in graphic forms that bring clarity and understanding to the information. There are graphics on a wide range of topics from what a trillion dollars looks like (note the combined wealth of the 1%… to what are […]

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Putting the fun back into fitness.

A month ago I wrote about my change in fitness routine from an expensive Gym membership to a free and more free-form based program (you can read that post here). I thought I would get you up to date with how that is all going so far.

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