The art of flying.

Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. — The heart sutra.

A stunning short film documenting a murmuration of starlings.

Whilst science has not yet completely explained the exact mechanism that allows unimaginable numbers of birds to respond to each other with such swirling simultaneous unity, a research team of theoretical physicists published a paper in 2012 that found that a change of direction (known as a critical transition) in one bird was reflected by the 6 or 7 birds nearest it. And so on out through the flock.

This range of 6 to 7 birds was found to provide the optimal balance between cohesiveness and the discrete, separate formations.

Short film about “murmurations”: the mysterious flights of the Common Starling. It is still unknown how the thousands of birds are able to fly in such dense swarms without colliding. Every night the starlings gather at dusk to perform their stunning air show.

Because of the relatively warm winter of 2014/2015, the starlings stayed in the Netherlands instead of migrating southwards. This gave filmmaker Jan van IJken the opportunity to film one of the most spectacular and amazing natural phenomena on earth.


Why Ripley?


Why do we call our camper van Ripley?

Well, its simple really. I have been avidly following the YouTube travels of Jorge and Jessica in their 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro for a while now.

They named their kick-butt beast Ripley, and although this serious 4WD adventure machine is on a totally different foodchain to our sedate Auto Trail FB… I see their journey and their passion as something to aspire to in many ways.
I have no idea if they named it after Sigourney Weaver’s character in the Alien movies…but I have totally stolen the name in homage to both.

Jorge and Jessica have been a little quiet of late, but if you are interested in the spirit of adventure travel,  it is well worth putting aside a little time to explore their backstory here: Live Work Wander.


The Wait.


A beautifully crafted film following Belgian wildlife photographer Michel D’Oultremont as he displays both deep patience and presence in his work.

The film takes the viewer on a journey from Michel’s hometown in Belgium to the remote mountains of Romania. On the trail of wild bison, Michel tracks the movement of the animals and then waits for the perfect moment; a process that can take up to a week to capture one shot.




Lake Wanaka, in the Southern Lakes Region of New Zealand, is one of my favourite places on the planet. 
In this short film snowboarder Will Jackways, shares his simple philosophy of life.

Im not a philosopher of life, I’m not going to sit here and preach what is right and what is wrong….this is just my interpretation of how I see it and how to live.

Will has wrapped himself with a simple life amongst the spectacular mountains, surrounded with things that are important to him. He is also one of those people lucky enough to truly love his work and his life.
Will has found it and he is stoked. 

Stoked is what keeps us happy basically…everyone in this world should wake up stoked.

And there you have it.