87 year old travelling solo in his campervan.

Think you are too old to travel around in a campervan? Well thats only because you think you are. Meet¬†Loren Phillips, an 87 year old travelling solo in his RoadTrek campervan. 314,000 miles (505,334 km) […]

The gift of my hate.

Some powerful performance poetry from Buddy Wakefield.

The Tables.

Even if, like me, table tennis is not something you really are not into that much, I think this short documentary (14 min) may hold something for you.

Short trip away.

Kelly, Juno and I took off for a short trip away to the coast for 3 days.

The art of flying.

Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form. — The heart sutra. A stunning short film documenting a murmuration of starlings. Whilst science has not yet completely explained the exact mechanism that allows unimaginable numbers of birds […]

Why Ripley?

  Why do we call our camper van Ripley? Well, its simple really. I have been avidly following the YouTube travels of Jorge and Jessica in their¬†1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro for a while now. They […]