Who am I?


My name is Ian Miller.
I have just retired after 34 years working as an Emergency Department nurse in Canberra, Australia.
Previously ran a website and facebook page:  theNursePath.blog.
It was a pretty popular site and I grew over 100K followers on its Facebook Page.
Despite being deeply passionate about nursing, and totally committed to improving the quality of both care delivery and clinical support for my fellow nurses, I left utterly disillusioned and bitter. The system totally bled me out. But that is a story for another time.

So Shojiwax is a clean slate to document my journey as I set forth into a life after nursing.

What does Shojiwax mean?

Well its just a word I made up really.

Shoji is best known as a Japanese paper sliding screen, but as a verb, the Japanese word(生) means “to live” (ikiru) or “to be born” (umareru), and the second word(死) means “to die” or “to be dead.”

Wax, is…..well, you know: wax.