Kiama area.

Stopping in Kiama for a couple of nights. After a horrendous first day of high-thirties heat and blow-torch winds things finally settled down and Kelly got to catch up with her BFF, Sharon. Today Sharon took us out to see the nearby Bombo Quarry , a spectacular geological cubist construct of Kiama sandstone and porphyritic […]

Panda man.

In the midst of a heatwave, things can get weird.


Cushion with a view.

This was the frontdrop to my meditation practice this morning. Zazen is not much concerned with the view. Pretty much any undisturbed space will do. But it’s nice to place my mat amongst it all and sit Instagram style every once and awhile. Soft grass. Sand. Surf. The Way is perfect like vast space where […]

With this.

With this, be this fully; with that, be that fully. When sad, be completely sad; when happy, completely happy. Through and through, become the wave, become the ocean, become the cause and the effect. How can you not be? Guo Gu Passing Through the Gateless Barrier (Shambhala 2016)