Who shot JKF? Spoiler alert.

If, like me, you are a little prone to oil your jaded, skeptical and perhaps just a little too gullible opinions on the workings of big government with a nice juicy conspiracy theory or two, […]

Goodbye NursePath.com.

There is this saying that everyone dies twice. The first time is when your physical body dies. The second time, is when your name is mentioned for the very last time. I sort of get […]

Trail running. The next level.

The realisation came in the shower. It was immediate and clear. I had just advanced to the next level. I was hot, my legs buzzed with that sweet post-run burn of satisfaction. Sticky sweat trickled […]

Slow down and read your feed.

I have been throttling way down on my social media consumption over the last few months. These days I usually check my feeds about once every two weeks or so. I do however still drop […]

Christmas Crackers.

Last night Kelly and I went out to her work Christmas dinner which was great fun. In keeping with the spirit of the evening someone had thoughtfully augmented the table setting with a supply of […]

Night Storm.

Awake. For a while now. … Counting out callipers between the PUNCH-LIGHT … that chalks the bedroom in a Blitzlicht flash. and and and BOOM —- shaking the earth. rolling out thickly to the north. […]