Journal your trip with Day One.

Much has been written about the positive juju generated from journaling. Keeping a record of your trips away and jotting down experiences and impressions is a great way to capture the essence of those adventures for future reflection and reference. It also comes in handy when trying to remember that cool spot you stayed at or neat restaurant you ate at, or when simply recommending … Continue reading Journal your trip with Day One.

Rakusu Pt 1: The Hadron Collider

I have absolutely no idea when it comes to sewing. Re-attaching a button is usually a frustrating excursion into mangled, tangled knot-craft, and repairing anything more complex than that is immediate white flag defeat. Usually there is blood on the white flag from multiple finger pricks. Despite all this, I will soon be attempting to sew a Rakusu. I’ll explain what this is in just … Continue reading Rakusu Pt 1: The Hadron Collider