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Advance care planning for travellers.

  One of the most important pieces of paper you should carry with you when travelling is an Advance Care Document, yet very few of us do.   Having worked for the last 35 years […]

Snakebite first aid.

Yesterday we took a short afternoon amble down ‘Canyon Walk’ along the banks of the Ovens river. We had been advised by locals to take care as snakes were fairly active right now and walkers […]

The perils of life in a campervan.

  The picture shows Juno looking on concernedly as Kelly applies an ice pack to her wrist and some Gin & Tonic to her pride. We were just closing up Ripleys blinds for the night […]

Responding to cardiac arrest!

Q. Do you have what it takes to respond to a cardiac arrest? A. Yes you do. Even if you have never done a life support course (or done it so long ago you dont […]

Baby won’t settle? Check for this potential emergency.

This quick check only takes a couple of seconds and may prevent a medical emergency in your child. Let’s say your baby has become increasingly irritable and unsettled over the last hour. They are now […]

Hara Hachibu

I am currently trying to cultivate the practice of ‘slow’ eating each mealtime. A 35 year history of emergency nursing has left me with a dining imperative to stuff as much food into my gob […]