The Flatus Nurse

Life was pretty tough for a junior nurse back in the day*: Military hospital, France 1945: the flatus nurse does her rounds. At precisely 7 AM each morning the flatus nurse would commence her round.Patients would assume the Schlemberg’s position (recumbant with legs held high in the air) and one by one, amidst much grunting, straining and proclaiming, produce their best gaseous emission.The junior nurse … Continue reading The Flatus Nurse

Why medical teams WALK to an emergency.

One of the responsibilities of the Emergency Department where I used to work was to attend medical emergencies (or ‘codes’) elsewhere in the hospital. We would dispatch a medical emergency team (known as a MET team), comprising a senior doctor and nurse. When their pager goes off they respond by pushing this rather big trolley known as a crash-cart (for reasons that will soon become … Continue reading Why medical teams WALK to an emergency.

Betty’s Death.

Some time ago  we had a 98 yo lady (whom I will call Betty), transferred to our emergency department from a local nursing home. Betty was having palliative care at the nursing home and was well aware that she was soon going to die.

Betty had completed an advance care directive (ACD) stating her wishes not to be resuscitated and that she did not wish to die in a hospital, but in her current environment.

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