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Peace bell run.

Went for a run this afternoon (and whenever I say run, know that I mean slow shuffling jog) around the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin. Around about 6 kilometres all up. It has been a […]

Tall Bikes.

If you enjoy cycling, creativity, or just need a little hit of outside-the-box urban eccentric inspiration, settle back to watch this 26 minute documentary on the tall bike movement. I guarantee it will put a […]

Advance care planning for travellers.

  One of the most important pieces of paper you should carry with you when travelling is an Advance Care Document, yet very few of us do.   Having worked for the last 35 years […]

Trail Running.

  Today I purchased a new pair of shoes. Specifically, Trail Running shoes. I wrote a post back in August about how I had just taken up jogging and I have been running with a […]


You are familiar with the scenario. Walking into a supermarket, or at a street corner. The rough cardboard sign, the hard luck story, the begging money. The cup or hat or bowl. And you are […]

The perils of life in a campervan.

  The picture shows Juno looking on concernedly as Kelly applies an ice pack to her wrist and some Gin & Tonic to her pride. We were just closing up Ripleys blinds for the night […]