Found objects

Permission granted.

“Through the years I have found no matter how accomplished the life, as measured by the often superficial parameters of popular culture, most people lack elemental permission to be who they are or to give voice to the magnitude of soul that exists within them. I am not talking at all about narcissistic self-indulgence. Rather, […]

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Life Support

Communication rules when caring for the very sick.

The care goes in. The crap goes out. I wrote this article a while back looking at how we can behave whilst caring for someone in hospital undergoing a major healthcare episode. Sometimes they just need to vent. Susan Silk is a clinical psychologist who is also a breast cancer survivor.In a story for the […]

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Show up. Grow up. Wake up.

And why do I repeatedly read these words? Because they remind me to stop feeling sorry for myself, my privileged life and privileged opportunities, and to stop whining and looking for an easy path. I remind myself to show up, in the best way I can, winning some of those internal battles against fear and […]

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The coffee meditation challenge.

As you know I am a regular meditator, and proselytiser of the benefits of a regular meditation practice. Oh you didn’t? Well (after you read this post), you could always check out a couple of my other posts on the topic: Meditation. It’s not what you think. OK, so how do I actually do it? That’s […]

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The location of our memory.

A fascinating article looking at research into the possibility that memories (and by inference, consciousness) are stored in areas of the body other than the brain. After giving examining examples of discordance between memory availability and brain functionality in directed worms and hibernating animals of the authors conclude that the “the mind […] is fluid […]

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