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You are familiar with the scenario. Walking into a supermarket, or at a street corner. The rough cardboard sign, the hard luck story, the begging money. The cup or hat or bowl. And you are […]

Bed bound.

It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Outside, a cold and a blustery wind rises and falls. An occasional far off rolling thunder admonishing it’s lack of commitment. I am wrapped snugly in […]

10 stoic guidelines to consider.

My friend Doug Bruns from over at The House I Live In is participating in Stoic Week which begins on October 1st. Go read his post about it. Stoicism, at least modern stoicism examines the […]

Hara Hachibu

I am currently trying to cultivate the practice of ‘slow’ eating each mealtime. A 35 year history of emergency nursing has left me with a dining imperative to stuff as much food into my gob […]

where the sun falls.

  I have this spot I like to go to. Early in the morning, after I have finished sitting zazen1. Usually sometime between  7 and 9 am, when a shaft of late winter sun falls […]

Back from Sesshin

I have just returned from a week long intensive meditation retreat or sesshin at Kodoji Zendo. It was one of the most difficult and rewarding things I have done.