Rakusu Pt 2: Art from chaos.

Prologue: The Hadron Collider Kelly’s mum came to stay with us for a couple of days and I immediately put her to work helping me sew my Rakusu. We began with a few printed pages of confusing and somewhat incomplete instructions, a few shaky YouTube instructional videos, sewing threads, needles and $12.70 worth of materials. Oh, and the wooden ring given to me by my … Continue reading Rakusu Pt 2: Art from chaos.

Two handed practice.

The following excerpt is from the blog popupzendo.org. It looks at a simple practice of using two hands to embody mindfulness in day to day activities and encounters. “……. there are always opportunities to practice intentional embodiment in the midst of everyday activity that we still haven’t mastered. Two handed practice can be included as a kind of anchor that can hold our intention even while … Continue reading Two handed practice.

Zazen, is that like a Zen thing?

I’m going to talk about my zen practice for a bit. Most mornings the birds call me to it.The dawn chorus of magpie and crow call. There are other songs I can’t identify by instrument but know with deep familiarity their place in the orchestration nevertheless.First light, everything just beginning to stir. The world waking up in a trillion fresh increments. This is the time … Continue reading Zazen, is that like a Zen thing?

What to Remember When Waking

In that first hardly noticed moment in which you wake,coming back to this life from the othermore secret, moveable and frighteningly honest worldwhere everything began,there is a small opening into the new daywhich closes the moment you begin your plans.What you can plan is too small for you to live.What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enoughfor the vitality hidden in your sleep.To be … Continue reading What to Remember When Waking


You are familiar with the scenario. Walking into a supermarket, or at a street corner. The rough cardboard sign, the hard luck story, the begging money. The cup or hat or bowl. And you are probably familiar with your own triggered internal dialogue. “If I give them money they will probably only spend it on alcohol, or drugs” “They’re probably not even homeless, and making … Continue reading Giving.