What to Remember When Waking

In that first hardly noticed moment in which you wake,coming back to this life from the othermore secret, moveable and frighteningly honest worldwhere everything began,there is a small opening into the new daywhich closes the moment you begin your plans.What you can plan is too small for you to live.What you can live wholeheartedly will make plans enoughfor the vitality hidden in your sleep.To be … Continue reading What to Remember When Waking


Today I ventured up the Parramatta river on the ‘Rivercat’. Deisel drone sine wave swell cannot stay AWAKE. (missed my stop. nevermind.) It was an overcast afternoon. Out on deck the crisp river breeze was a welcome tonic to the recent sweaty days. The views flowed from river urban to mangrove to struggling eucalyptus forest and back again. I couldn’t believe how many people were … Continue reading Rivercat.