Central Station.

In the burn of the afternoon Homeward bound after 3 weeks out. Before Christmas seems like forever. Central smells like oil and old socks sandstone, grease and 2 dollar begs. But my coffee is strong and the scorching tracks will take me soon. Home. Location:Central Station Sydney.


Today I ventured up the Parramatta river on the 'Rivercat'. Deisel drone sine wave swell cannot stay AWAKE. (missed my stop. nevermind.) It was an overcast afternoon. Out on deck the crisp river breeze was a welcome tonic to the recent sweaty days. The views flowed from river urban to mangrove to struggling eucalyptus forest … Continue reading Rivercat.


Power, Labour, and Commerce. Above all. Power. Aloof, Sicilian marble stares since 1897. Dug up white. Sword & scales raised by the depression. Scroll of wisdom held tight and out of sight of us in hurry on the street below. Location:Queen Victoria Market Building Sydney Australia.