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Back to the Yak.

Our penultimate night away finds us back in Yackandandah. A small town situated amongst rolling hills about 288 km north east of Melbourne. The origins of the towns name are not certain, with one author […]

Bright love.

Up early this morning. It’s chillier than usual and Ripley creaks in protest as I move around her. Kelly and Juno are both still wrapped warmly in the land of REM, and the more I […]

Snakebite first aid.

Yesterday we took a short afternoon amble down ‘Canyon Walk’ along the banks of the Ovens river. We had been advised by locals to take care as snakes were fairly active right now and walkers […]

Size doesn’t matter. But mine is pretty big.

OK. Well that title escalated into the realms of click bait, just a little too easily. We are settled into the mountain village of Bright for a few days. After only discovering this place relatively […]


We spent the night at a nice little van park In Beechworth. We had planned to stealthcamp the night, but we arrived late and just couldn’t find a spot that felt right. Then we coasted […]


We coasted into Castlemaine, cruised the Main Street and decided pretty quickly that further investigation was needed. Castlemaine is a vibrant little town nestled in a valley around 120 km northwest of Melbourne. Traditionally it […]