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Slow down and read your feed.

I have been throttling way down on my social media consumption over the last few months. These days I usually check my feeds about once every two weeks or so. I do however still drop […]

The Straight Dope.

I am about to suggest you go visit a clunky, visually sucky, probably unattended website way over in a less traveled region of the internet. Be warned, you may be gone for some time. Back […]

Postcard from afar.

Remember when life had a lag? Before the instant gratification of broadcasting on Facebook and Instagram, when it took time for our lives to spread out and filter down. I remember one of the rituals […]

The Tupperware Crisis.

It seemed simple enough. Quickly wash up the small pile of dishes before heading out for a coffee at my favourite cafe. Mission accomplished in six minutes. I just had to put away that last […]

Street library.

I was out walking Juno the other day when we came across this neat street library. Ironically, I first saw a street library whilst on holidays in Juno, Alaska several years ago. Since then they […]

Paper Props.

If like me, you love books and journals and old paper documents, you are about to discover that Ross Macdonald might just have one of the coolest jobs in the known universe. And he definitely […]