Video: The language of connection.

Moses Monweal McCormick is a 33 year old African American from Columbus Ohio. If you look at this picture of him from his Instagram feed you may experience at least some preconceptions, biases and prejudices of who he might be. You are about to have them busted. You see Moses speaks over 50 languages, demonstrating fluency in more than 12. He is completely self taught. … Continue reading Video: The language of connection.

Rakusu Pt 2: Art from chaos.

Prologue: The Hadron Collider Kelly’s mum came to stay with us for a couple of days and I immediately put her to work helping me sew my Rakusu. We began with a few printed pages of confusing and somewhat incomplete instructions, a few shaky YouTube instructional videos, sewing threads, needles and $12.70 worth of materials. Oh, and the wooden ring given to me by my … Continue reading Rakusu Pt 2: Art from chaos.


We are currently house-sitting for some friends in the beautiful coastal community of Kiama. Unfortunately, the heavy smoke haze that has been rolling in each evening from the bushfires south of us has necessitated engaging with some indoor activities rather than long sunset beach walks. To wit, Kelly has been methodically solving a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that her sister found in a second-hand store … Continue reading Jigsaw.

Your mobile phone is tracking you.

The New York Times has a sobering article: How Your Phone Betrays Democracy) demonstrating how easy it is for governments and political parties to use the data gathered from our mobile phones to track us. By tracking your movements a data-set of activities is built up that deduces your home location, as well as the identity of family and friends, your political affiliation, religious beliefs, … Continue reading Your mobile phone is tracking you.

Spiced Mushroom Walnut & Lentil Loaf

Kelly and her mum made this delicious vegetarian mushroom and walnut lentil loaf for me. Super easy to make (even I could have done it I reckon) and so good that I thought I would share it here. Ingredients: 1 Cup Walnuts, dry roasted 400g tin of brown lentils 2 cups diced button mushrooms 2 tbs olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, Finley … Continue reading Spiced Mushroom Walnut & Lentil Loaf

Things that piss me off #8.

People who use charity donation bins as an easy way to dump their unwanted junk!  Before reading the evidence I would have bet my transverse colon that 99% of the people doing this know that the junk they are leaving in the bins ( or, more commonly laying all around them) are totally unsuitable and inappropriate to donate to a charity organisation. My colon may be at … Continue reading Things that piss me off #8.