High School kids build secret room hidden in plain sight.

Scrunched up against one side of an otherwise open public space near our house is a small dense stand of birch trees. There is a dirt trail running beside it that is heavily trafficked by people like me walking their dogs or, jogging, or taking a shortcut across to the local shopping centre. The trees are also just across the main road from our local … Continue reading High School kids build secret room hidden in plain sight.

What the heck do I do with this blog?

With the end of the year looming, I thought I would take a moment of self-indulgent introspection to ponder the substance of this blog and think about what I should do with it….moving forwards as they say. Right now shojiwax.com is kinda drifting around in a sort of journal format.It covers my travel experiences, my interest in the practice of Zen and it provides a place … Continue reading What the heck do I do with this blog?

Floriade 2019

Kelly and I spent a magnificent spring afternoon strolling around the flowers of Floriade. Floriade is the annual flower festival that has been held in Canberra since 1988. It is now marketed as the largest flower festival in the southern hemisphere attracting over 300,000 visitors to the bush capital. I prefer my flowers wild and unrepentant, and I find Floriade’s cultivated geometrics of tulips and … Continue reading Floriade 2019

Remember the Wild

Here is a site worth checking out. Remember the Wild is an online community reconnecting Australians and their local environments with storytelling, science, projects and initiatives. The site also includes educational stories and practical posts on topics such as attracting birds to your garden, creating a bee sanctuary in 4 easy steps, building a forest compost in your garden. “In our modern lives we are … Continue reading Remember the Wild