Things I did not accomplish today.

Before leaving for work this morning Kelly reminded me: “don’t forget to vacuum the house and mop the kitchen floors today Ian, OK?” A list of things I have not accomplished today: Completed first nude free solo summit of Mt Kilimanjaro by pogo stick. Solved the philosophical so-called ’hard problem’ of human consciousness. Recorded back up vocals track for Lil Uzi Vert’s forthcoming rap album. … Continue reading Things I did not accomplish today.

How to stop the internet tracking you.

Following my last post about dropping out of FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram I have had a few people asking me: Is there anything else I can do to stop big these corporations from gathering data from me & tracking my browsing whilst I am online? Im not really up to anything illegal and its kinda useful having ads that target things I am interested in … Continue reading How to stop the internet tracking you.

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. No.

A quick update just in case anyone is wondering why I have suddenly gone all quiet on social media.  As you might know I closed down my Facebook account a few years ago (for many reasons including these) and have not regretted it for a moment. I have continued to use Instagram (which is owned by Facebook) and Twitter. To keep track of friends and acquaintances, to self … Continue reading Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. No.

The hidden iPhone app you don’t even know you need.

Perhaps you already know about this, but I just found out about a hidden setting on the iPhone that is super useful. The setting is called Magnifier. It turns the iPhone camera into a pretty nifty magnifying glass. To turn it on do this: Goto Settings. Goto General Goto Accessibility (on iOS 13 I believe Accessibility is found under Settings) Turn ON Magnifier Thats it. … Continue reading The hidden iPhone app you don’t even know you need.

The simple genius of baking soda.

Recently whilst house-sitting for some friends I had to deal with a little incident involving their dog Grace, a voluminous poop, and a very expensive, thick pile rug. This required an extended cleaning intensive on my part to extract the particulate matter, followed by an emergency dash to the local shops to pick up a packet of baking soda to deal with the remaining stubborn … Continue reading The simple genius of baking soda.