Try the new BOM weather app.

This app update is for my Aussie amigos.

Up until now I have been a big fan of WillyWeather as my go to forecasting app.
You can check out all my go-to weather apps here.
And all my other fave travel apps here.

Anyways, WillyWeather has had all the functionality I need when travelling (or hunkering down before a hailstorm) including a good wind prediction graph and Doppler radar. It costs 6 bucks to remove the ads.

But just the other day someone showed me the updated BOM app (Australian Bureau of Meteorology). Im not exactly sure when they gave it an overhaul but it is much improved since the last time I used it, with a clean interface and all the same functionality as Willy…..but totes for free.

And as it has been developed by the BOM itself, you are getting the weather info straight from the horses mouth so to speak.
If you are looking for a quality weather prediction app and don’t want to spend the money to remove all those annoying ads from those other apps, the BOM makes a very good alternative.

Download it from:

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