Are the people you meet in your dreams actually conscious?

OK then. You are dreaming. And you meet this woman.
She has a conversation with you, and then she suddenly points across at a mountain you had not noticed up until that very moment.

The question is: Who is controlling the behaviours of this dream woman? Why did she suddenly point? Is a part of your own sleeping brain ‘writing a script’ for her & directing her actions?

Of course I’m directing her! She is part of my imagination, you might say. After all, I’m dreaming her.

Yet it doesn’t feel that way, does it? This dream woman appears to behave autonomously. In the dream, you have no idea what she is going to say or do next. In this respect, it feels no different to meeting a woman when you are awake who talks to you and then points at a mountain.

Are you sure it is you that is her?

It turns out that some philosophers argue that perhaps the dream woman actually has her own individual consciousness.


Photo credit: Jr Korpa

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