Your mobile phone is tracking you.

The New York Times has a sobering article: How Your Phone Betrays Democracy) demonstrating how easy it is for governments and political parties to use the data gathered from our mobile phones to track us. By tracking your movements a data-set of activities is built up that deduces your home location, as well as the identity of family and friends, your political affiliation, religious beliefs, … Continue reading Your mobile phone is tracking you.

Two handed practice.

The following excerpt is from the blog It looks at a simple practice of using two hands to embody mindfulness in day to day activities and encounters. “……. there are always opportunities to practice intentional embodiment in the midst of everyday activity that we still haven’t mastered. Two handed practice can be included as a kind of anchor that can hold our intention even while … Continue reading Two handed practice.

Why travel in a motor home is the bees knees.

First up, Im going to need to establish exactly WTF ‘the bees knees’ means. Helpfully, nobody seems to know for sure. Some say it has to do with the fact that bees carry all that pollen goodness they have collected in a small pouch just above their ‘knees’. But there is no real evidence this is the source of the saying. More likely it is … Continue reading Why travel in a motor home is the bees knees.

Nomads Around Australia

Nomads Around Australia is a new YouTube channel that features interviews with Australians who have embraced the motorhome, camper-van, bus-life lifestyle. Their first featured video interviews The Tripping Gypsies, a family who have DIY converted a 12 tonne bus and now live full-time travelling and working (they make and sell jigsaw puzzles!). You can subscribe to Nomads Around Australia’s YouTube channel HERE.Or you can check … Continue reading Nomads Around Australia

Update: switching to an ‘old-style’ safety razor.

A while back I wrote about my experiment swapping over to an old style safety razor in an attempt to decrease the plastic waste from my disposable razor cartridges. Here is my report back on the experience thus far. It feels a little different The first thing to note is that using a safety razor feels, well….different and requires a slightly different shaving technique. My … Continue reading Update: switching to an ‘old-style’ safety razor.

The sandwich bag

Yes of course it’s degradable! Over thousands of years stuff like this degrades into microplastics that enter the food chain bringing with it chemicals such as styrene, toxic metals, phthalates, bisphenol A, polychlorinated biphenyls, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that may be absorbed into it during the manufacturing process. Your selling point would be……??? Since the early 1950s we have discarded around one billion tons of … Continue reading The sandwich bag

Remember the Wild

Here is a site worth checking out. Remember the Wild is an online community reconnecting Australians and their local environments with storytelling, science, projects and initiatives. The site also includes educational stories and practical posts on topics such as attracting birds to your garden, creating a bee sanctuary in 4 easy steps, building a forest compost in your garden. “In our modern lives we are … Continue reading Remember the Wild