4 documents that probably need your attention too.

“Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.” 

― Isaac Asimov

Kelly and I are preparing for our next road trip in a couple of weeks.
We thought it was about time to button up four important things that until now we have left in a perpetual state of half-arsed incompletion.

1. Will.

2. Power of attorney.

3. Advance care plan.

4. Organ/tissue donation status.

How many of these 4 items have you completed?
Maybe you have all this stuff sorted.
But I’ll wager, like us, you have been putting it off (for when I get sick…or old), or have half completed, half lost documents laying around hither and yon.

Just a sec: What is an Advance Care Plan?
I have written more about making your own Advance Care Plan HERE.
This bit is FREE, doesn’t take long and is incomprehensibly important for both you and your family.

Until now, my own will was one of those fill-it-out-yourself kits that you used to be able to buy at a news agency.
I had printed out an advance care plan, and filled it out…but then I had not gotten around to signing it.
And I had defo not organised or appointed an enduring power of attorney.

This time we are biting the bullet and getting a solicitor to draw up our Wills & POA, we have both completed our Advance Care Plan, and Kelly has signed on to the organ donation register (I already was).

To be honest…it is a relatively expensive exercise to use a solicitor.
We looked at using an online Will service (there are quite a few options) which is much cheaper and may be a better option for some (quality varies….buyer beware).
In the end, we decided it was worth the peace of mind to have a legally robust and tailor-fit plan that would make it as easy as possible for those left dealing with the wash-up of our demise…. or those having to manage decisions around critical end of life care should that be needed.

It feels good to have this all sorted now.
We are probably never going to die….but these days you just don’t know. Do you?

Photo credit:  Romain Dancre 

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3 responses to “4 documents that probably need your attention too.”

  1. We updated our wills just before covid. We had a clause in them that hubby’s parents would be guardians for our children. We weren’t sure they’d want to take them & their husbands on though. We also did our POA and informed the family of our plans.
    Happy travels to you 3. Maybe we’ll get to have a coffee one day soon.

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  2. Now have a wonderful trip! Which direction are you headed?
    You’re always welcome to stay in Clunes Victoria!


  3. The last sentence says it all. 😉 Thank you for getting this message out. We’ve done our paperwork but recently realized we’re not sure our docs have copies of the Advanced Care Plan so we’re working on that. Always something!

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