The Hero’s Journey.

So this movie serendipitously arose in my feed today. At first, I was going to skim right past it, pretty much because I saw the name Deepak Chopra whom I find slightly on the spiritually sketchy side….but for some reason felt compelled to take a look at it despite my biases.

And you know what….it is really pretty good.

The movie examines Joseph Campbell’s exploration of myth and archetypes in our life, as they appear in movies, stories and day to day events. Joseph called the underlying monomyth common to all great stories… ‘The Hero’s Journey’. 

If you are looking for a little uplifting, or spiritual inspiration, or just something that might be worth sharing with your kids in these difficult times. Here is a good story.

Sometimes these things come to you for a reason. 

Today it arose in my feed.
And now it has arisen in yours.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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