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Street library.

I was out walking Juno the other day when we came across this neat street library. Ironically, I first saw a street library whilst on holidays in Juno, Alaska several years ago. Since then they […]


I first read the original Dune trilogy whilst in high school. I remember laying on my bed late at night trying to keep my eyes focused enough to make it to the end of the […]

Aloneness not loneliness.

I have recently begun following Emergence Magazine. Emergence Magazine is a quarterly online publication that explores stories of ecology, culture and spirituality and their emerging connections. It includes longform stories, photo essays, and podcasts presented […]

Pack Light.

“Pack light, Throw your keys in the river and cancel all your contracts. Grab a guitar, bring your best friends and hit the road. See the world, taste the ocean and feel the concrete under […]

where the sun falls.

  I have this spot I like to go to. Early in the morning, after I have finished sitting zazen1. Usually sometime between  7 and 9 am, when a shaft of late winter sun falls […]

Book vs Kindle.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Kindle.