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Why medical teams WALK to an emergency.

One of the responsibilities of the Emergency Department where I used to work was to attend medical emergencies (or ‘codes’) elsewhere in the hospital. We would dispatch a medical emergency team (known as a MET […]

The PAT slide.

He was a big man. In the midst of a big code. And he was in big trouble. We needed to move this man from the MRI table back onto his bed in a real […]

10 Floors.

This story from my nursing career is so preposterous that is must be absolutely true. As indeed, and I am prepared to swear on a stack of bedpans, it is.   TENTH FLOOR: I had just […]

Canberra Firestorm.

On Saturday 18th January 2003 a freak and devastating firestorm tore through my city. 4 people died and over 500 homes were destroyed. It resulted in the 2nd largest single hospital disaster response in Australian […]

One shift. 3 stories.

This post was originally published on thenursepath.blog. It is a fictional adaption of my actual experiences working for 35 yrs  as an emergency department nurse. Warning: Strong language ahead.

The story of Resus bed 1.

Here are 3 remarkable true stories about the very same bed space in the emergency department where I worked:  Resuscitation Bed 1. The first story I wrote after an incident with a colleague at work. […]