It’s all about the likes

My ego’s rush
to debase my wealth
When jealous
of my former self.

Checked my analytics this morning to see what sort of growth traffic this website has been getting, and accidentally logged into my old site at TheNursePath.

To my ego’s dismay, it turns out that TheNursePath, a website I have not posted on since 2018 (and which exists only in an archived form), is still getting on average 20 times more visitors each day than this site.

Twenty times.

Not what I expected. I am definitely a bit jealous of past Ian.

2 responses to “It’s all about the likes”

  1. We were lamenting the loss of the Nursepath at work today and the calibre of your nursing skills in general, as several team members have been fortunate enough to receive over the years. Still enjoy your output whatever format it takes:)


  2. Deirdre Russack Avatar
    Deirdre Russack

    When retired, it is hard not to feel to be a diminished version of our working selves but as you well know we are all of it and more.

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