Tomb with a view.

It may not be the most beautiful cemetery, but I’ll wager it is the most scenic in Australia. The Gerringong General Cemetery occupies a sweeping slope overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Headstones of marble and headstones of worn crumbling sandstone. Some sites dressed with fresh wildflowers, others in a sort of faded plastic flower limbo, others still left long ago to settle into quiet disrepair. The … Continue reading Tomb with a view.

Adventure in Oamaru

Location: Oamaru Victorian Precinct NZ. Weather: Cloudy. Temp: 11C Turning into the Main Street of Oamaru reminded me of many small Australian towns. A mental model fractured over on the right-hand side by a series of grand stone Victorian buildings. “Oooh, let’s definitely stop and take a look down there” advised Kelly.” For some reason, I felt this hurry to keep going. Perhaps because the … Continue reading Adventure in Oamaru