Facebook is reading my mind.

Well, this was a wee bit interesting.

You see, I have been tentatively looking around online to buy a new camera that Kelly and I can take on our upcoming trip to New Zealand.
Accordingly I spent the morning reading various reviews and comparing prices on Amazon and other retail sites.

After a couple of hours of browsing, I decided to extricate myself from this particular consumer rabbit hole and make us both some fresh coffee. As we sat and drank, Kelly was checking her Facebook feed.

Lo and behold, up pops an advertisement post for one of the very models of camera I had just been researching.

So what goes here?

I no longer have a Facebook account having deleted it some time ago.
Whilst I was looking around I was logged into my Amazon account but otherwise I was just browsing through various camera retail sites.

Additionally, I do not use Google as a search engine (not that I imagine Google shares any information with Facebook).
Oh, and as an aside, I recommend you also drop Google ASAP and use an alternative such as DuckDuckGo.com This is why.

How could the Facebook page of my partner possibly know that I was in the market for a camera, let alone the specific camera I had been looking for?

Perhaps it was just coincidence. Serendipity. Dumb luck.
But Kelly assures me this is the fist camera ad she has seen on her feed in quite some time. And she had not been looking at any camera-related material herself.

It’s a little weird. It’s a little disturbing.

Even more than this, it’s a little weirdly disturbing that it’s a little unsurprising.

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6 responses to “Facebook is reading my mind.”

  1. Tracking cookies. Amazon drops one, Facebook picks it up. Check out Panopticlick https://panopticlick.eff.org/ and download Privacy Badger to break up the circle of trackers.


  2. Earlier this year my wife & I were discussing (within earshot of our phones) buying a bed; (not undertaken any online searching by this stage). Anyway, later that day we had ads popping up for beds… Where’s that ‘Cone of Silence’ when we need it?


  3. Deirdre Russack Avatar

    If you are using WiFi- it is working off your ISP address.

    cheers, Deirdre


  4. I meant Sony RX. Or buy a Chinese phone.


  5. Big Sister is watching. And the Big Turds in the government.
    Have a look at the Panasonic RX series. Expensive but apparently the best. You can borrow my Mamiya RB67 if you can lift it 🙂

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  6. Big Brother is watching. Yikes!!


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