COVID-19: the masked chauffeur.

Just dropped my mum off at the hospital to visit my dad (they currently have set a limit of 1 visitor per day).

He was transferred to a new hospital on the other side of town last night.

Mum sat on the back seat. We both wore masks. No touching.

Such is life right now.

6 responses to “COVID-19: the masked chauffeur.”

  1. Havnt heard from you in a while. Hope all well


  2. Havnt heard from you in a while.. are u ok?? A concerned reader Amanda


  3. Sorry to hear your dad’s in hospital. Thinking of you and your parents. Stu


  4. Love to Joan and your Dad. And to you for being a voice….


  5. Deirdre Russack Avatar
    Deirdre Russack

    Sorry to hear your Dad is in hospital. Such a challenging time.


  6. Oh Hope your Dad is Ok….Look after your Mum….wonderful Woman…


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