Coffee gratitude: Bookplate

Coffee this morning at Bookplate Cafe inside of the Australian National Library.

Only Kelly and I chose to sit outside. After all, it was a crisp sunny morning and sitting in the sun was snoozily pleasant.
There is a large terrace area with seating (including a couple of lounge seats if you are lucky enough to snag them) looking across the lawns and the lake beyond.

Inside it was quite busy, and by the time we were leaving there was a queue waiting for a table. This despite plenty of empty spaces in the outside section. We couldn’t imagine why anyone would prefer to sit inside on a day like this and with a view like that.

Inside the library, there is a bookshop as well as the library itself and a display room hosting regularly updated exhibits.

Bookplate cafe.
Gorgeous stained glass windows, but I’d rather sit outside.
Front entrance of the National Library.

So todays coffee gratitude shout out goes to Susan Collins. Thanks Susan for making this a most enjoyable morning brew! And a perfect spot for sitting back and covert eavesdropping into some pretty interesting OPCs (other peoples conversations).

You can shout us a coffee via the link in the sidebar (or at the bottom of this post if you are mobile).


  • Coffee: 3.5/5
  • Service: Good
  • Food: 4/5
  • Ambience: 5/5

If there is a pile of leaves, Juno is going to leap into them.

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